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wanetaashling's Journal

28 August 1985
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~The name is Adina(アディナ),but call me Adi (アディ)
~The age is gonna be 27 in august(dayum i'm old)
~Blood type A-
~Ox (hence great weekness in my legs)
~Arashi(Jun baited,always my ichiban,Nino niban)
~Adam Lambert
~I love piano
~I sing,i paint,i fish,i cook,i'm raising a daughter(alone),i'm fighting with myself.
~Obsessed with hair care products,perfumes and i can't live without nail polish.Or my ring.Or my music(full Arashi playlist)
~Favorite color:blue.
~Scared as hell of:spiders and hights.
~I love:green tea and cats(that's a new one,but i can't deny it)
~I trust ppl to a fault and ALWAYS end up dissappointed.
~Biting heads of with a huge pleasure when i'm pissed of.It doesn't matter that it's not your fault.
~I do take responsability for my words and actions ALWAYS and i dislike ppl that don't.
~I never lie,i dislike greatly ppl that do.
~Fast learner.
~BORING most of the times :))
~A little nuts,but all geniuses are.